The Consulting Detective
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The Consulting Detective Trilogy

Quotes from Reviewers

"The transformation of Cypser's young Sherlock of The Crack in the Lens into the maturing Sherlock Holmes of The Consulting Detective is both subtle and brilliant. By the end of Cypser's second novel, the reader stands in full knowledge and awareness of the man before them, and you wonder how you missed it, so understated was his development." Jaime Mahoney, Better Holmes & Gardens [Read full review]

"Holmes' world is vividly drawn and compelling; once you enter, you won't want to leave.... What I loved most about University, however, was the suspense.... Every scene has an ultimate purpose, and nothing is wasted. I was pulled in from the first, and had no desire to resurface.... My advice? Forget chores, ignore the laundry, order takeout for dinner and just settle in for the ride. You'll miss it when it's over." Leah Guinn, The Well-Read Sherlockian [Read full review]

"University sees a transformation of Holmes from a troubled boy to the beginnings of the man that would cause him to become the world's only consulting detective. I await the next stage of the Trilogy, Onstage with much anticipation to see how Holmes builds on the lessons learnt in University." Charlotte Smith, My Tin Dispatch Box [Read full review]

"In her intensively researched and lovingly written novel The Crack in the Lens, Darlene Cypser wrote of the boyhood of Sherlock Holmes. She continues the story in The Consulting Detective Trilogy, Part I: University.... Like Dorothy L Sayers, Ms Cypser sends the young Holmes to Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, but his experiences there, apart from his unusual introduction to Victor Trevor and the tale of the Gloria Scott, come mostly from her own powerful imagination...." Roger Johnson, The District Messenger of the Sherlock Holmes Society of London [Read full review]

"It is a truly remarkable narrative that rings with possibilities and yet makes the events described seem to be natural outcomes of the situations.... I could say that the action is riveting, as it was, but there is really little action. I could say that the characters are fascinating, which they are, but most appear and then disappear, leaving their interactions with Sherlock as the only evidence of their existence.... Most of the details have been made fascinating by the author, so the book is a very 'good read.'" Philip Jones, The Ill-Dressed Vagabond [Read full review]

"She brings us from Sherlock's journey as a young man going through a terrible ordeal, to a man who has such passion for what he wants to become." Kate Workman, Thoughts From Baker Street [Read full review]

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