The Consulting Detective
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The Consulting Detective Trilogy Part I: University


It was some time before Sherlock Holmes recovered from the events of late 1871. Physically, it took many months; mentally, it took many years. He was bound by both a promise to the living and a commitment to honor the dead, and being so bound he set the full force of his will to rebuilding the shattered pieces of his life. Yet sometimes will alone is not enough.

With the assistance of Deacon Andrew Goble, his brothers Mycroft and Sherrinford, and the ever-devoted Jonathan Beckwith, Sherlock Holmes prepares himself to attend the University of Cambridge. However, two months after the term begins his life begins to unravel and Sherlock is forced to seek the assistance of an alienist named Dr. George Mackenzie. With Dr. Mackenzie's assistance Sherlock Holmes returns to his studies, but the most remarkable change will come to his life one spring morning when Victor Trevor's bull terrier latches itself upon his ankle. In the following weeks Holmes and Trevor become fast friends. Trevor's invitation to visit his family estate will result in Sherlock Holmes' first case and his resolution to become the world's first consulting detective. He enrolls in a class at Barts that summer and modifies his studies at Cambridge in the autumn, bringing him into opposition with the college officials, the local police and eventually his own father. While training himself for his future career, Holmes solves one case to reclaim the honor of one student and save the life of another student, and another case that rescues a number of fellow students from the clutches of blackmailers.

©2012 Darlene A. Cypser